Our streetware offers an extensive range of standard and bespoke products for the drainage and contracting industries. Providing products that offer durability and vary from light duty pedestrian areas through to extreme load applications for ports and airports.

Skellerns offer and produce a wide range of Storm water, Drainage and other Streetware products:

  • Cast Iron or Aluminium
  • Access covers and frames
  • Cesspit grates and Frames
  • Other drainage reticulation fittings, lids boxes, extensions etc

We also supply fabricated concrete tanks for use as septic tanks and oil and grease separators. We not only supply the tank but also deliver to site along with the supporting components that the drain layer will require to install the tank.  Skellerns range of concrete and plastic fabrication include:

  • Septic Tanks
  • Water Retention Tanks
  • Grit and Oil tanks
  • Catch pits
  • Risers (Valve, Fire Hydrant)

Skellerns wide range of streetware products have been used and trusted for years under the Surecast brand, with a number of our products listed in various council’s development documents as approved materials.

Due to Skellerns being one of the only local metal casting producers of these streetware products we have the ability to alleviate international freighting costs when produced domestically.